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Rabu, 30 November 2011

Fall Wedding Trend: Gold Sparkle

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Date: 2011/11/30
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Posted: 29 Nov 2011 08:44 AM PST
I have to say, I'm extremely excited for fall wedding color palettes. Color trends are taking on a different look than they have in the past. Where we were seeing dark colors and deep shades, we are now seeing bright and bold colors and patterns in the wedding world. And what color is currently taking over weddings? It is something with sparkle and a whole lot of bling! Gold is hitting weddings hard this fall to create fun and fabulous events  that have a great sense of romance as well.
It is important for brides to make their day their very own and add in whatever elements make the day a little more "their's". There are a lot of non-traditional and fun elements that can be added into the wedding to create a to-die-for atmosphere. Centerpieces adorned with lots of mercury glass candles add romantic lighting to any table. And with overheard details, the whole space feels rather magical.

Credit: Gold Details
Of course, gold is definitely known for being a playful color, so using it to create excitement does wonders to any casual affair. These details definitely add a little something special to an ordinary idea. Gold cakes are definitely not your norm, and though at first glance it can feel far too untraditional, the approach adds a fun twist on tradition.

Credit: Gold CakeGeronimo

Believe it or not, balloons are definitely back in. But not your basic birthday ballons, giant cylinder balloons that create a statement where ever they stand. These, with gold pom-poms, are just too fun to leave out of any golden affair.

Get ready for this next tip on gold details because it is pretty much to-die-for. Edible glitter is a brand new way to spruce up the rims of martini glasses. And who doesn't want to drink a little something sparkly every once in a while? Edible gold glitter can be added to anything from glasses to cupcakes and even cake balls. It is a new way to dress up treats for your guests.

Credit: Cake, Drinks
Speaking of glitter, let's to get to the fun details! The secret to any event is in the smallest details. Glitter gold clothes pins and golden animals will add that little something special to complete the overall palette of your event.

Credit: Gold

Credit: Dress, Tablescapes
Add some sparkly details to the tablescape along with gold dinnerware items to complete it all.
As with any color palette, it is important complete the look all the way around. Tie the event together by adding small and large colorful details to create a layered and cohesive look. Here are some user generated color palettes that would create a lovely wedding day for those that want to include some gold details.

Posted: 28 Nov 2011 01:01 PM PST
Autumn brings cool crisp days with vibrant colors and hues from the changing leaves. Natures color palette morphs into brilliant yellows, reds and oranges. It's time to keep your noggin warm from the blustery days with a knit or crocheted hat.

Knit hat on Ravelry (pattern source: Foliage by Emilee Mooney)
In this hat the designer used kettle dyed yarn to "enhance the rustic leaf pattern." Kettle dyed yarn allows beautiful variations in the shade of the yarn allowing regions of dark and light. Sort of like coloring your hair. You get highlights and low lights. The yarn used truly mimics the fall foliage.

Crochet leaf look (scalloped hat on Etsy)
Here's a crocheted version of a leaf pattern using a solid color. When you look at the solid color it is sort of flat looking compared to the kettle dyed yarn. One dimensional so to speak. There's nothing wrong with this. It's a matter of preference.

Most knitters and crocheters use solid yarns. Kettle dyed or hand painted yarns can cost a lot more than the solids. One way to use solid colors is to use more than one in a project. Here, we have a great use of six colors.

Crochet Earflap Hat (Fall Hat with Autumn Leaves)
And, now with four colors.

Knit Earflap Hat (Pumpkin Autumn Orange)
The purple color used as an accent in this pumpkin hat makes it pop, as does the use of two shades of green for the vine.

Crochet Earflap Hat (Autumn Bloom hat on Etsy | Dahlia)
I love the use of a color we might not think of as autumnal. The rose pink above is actually in line with the autumn blooming Dahlia flower.

Crochet acorn hat (Autumn Acorn Hat)
Autumn isn't autumn without acorns! Along with great color choices, now we see how using stitches to create texture changes the overall look of a hat.

 Knit Cloche (Cloche Hat in Mustard Yellow)
The colors of autumn have wonderful names in the yarn world. Like this Mustard Yellow.
Crochet Earflap (Butterscotch Chunky Monkey)Or, how about Butterscotch?

Knit Earflap (pistachio)
Pistachio anyone?
There are a couple of colors this fall that aren't part of the traditional autumn palette, but they're outstanding against the hues of autumn. It turns a dull day into a fun day!
Crochet Slouchy (Autumn Cobalt)
Blue--in all shades--but cobalt blue is quite popular. This cobalt blue paired with black and charcoal grey is wonderful!

1. Deep Purple 2. Autumn Multicolor 3. Autumn Flowers 4. Lilac Crochet Flowers
The second color is purple. Again, in varying shades.
 Knit Beanie (October Nightsong)
This knit beanie features a fabulous use of a combination of autumn colors. Also, the texture created is stunning. What an artistic way to incorporate purple and blue into the autumn palette.
Crochet Earflap (Bluebird)
Knit Beanie (Woodland)
The most popular hat this season is the owl hat. Ever so cute and it comes in all shapes and textures. The bushy eyebrows are a standout on this knit owl hat.
Knit Beanie (Multi)
The use of variegated yarns allows for a natural flow in a hat without any extra work in the design so to speak. Each strand of yarn utilizes a different color and floats into the next color. The yarn does all the work.
Crochet Earflap Slouchy (Autumn Earflap Slouchy)
This next hat is just pure genius! An Earflap Slouchy. So cool.
There are so many different kinds of hat styles to choose from: Newsboy, Slouchy, Beret, Beanie, Earflap, Cloche, Pixie, etc.
Let's close with the winners of the most unusual hats for Autumn.

1. Knit hat with beads (Beaded Beanie) 2. Crochet hat with giant pompoms (COUTURE POMPOM HAT)
Hats are such a cool design element to wear on your head. If you knit or crochet you know how fast a hat can be to make. If you don't want to make it yourself then Etsy has a plethora of choices. Knitting and crocheting is like painting with yarn--walk into a yarn shop and the colors will take your breath away. Textures also abound in this medium. Whatever you do this season be sure to keep that noggin warm with a knit or crocheted hat!

 Creations directory used:

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