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Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011

Wong Jawa ilang Jiwane

Senangkah Anda bila punya anak yang mau "ngajeni" kepada Anda selaku orang tua dan kepada orang lain??
Senangkah Anda bila punya anak yang dalam keseharian ia berkomunikasi dengan bahasa Jawa secara 'basa' kepada Anda selaku orang tua dan kepada orang lain??

Saya pernah dengar sebuah kalimat yang diucapkan oleh orang tua dikala saya masih kecil. Saya yakin beliau juga sekedar meneruskan kalimat yang diucapkan dari para orang tua pada waktu itu. Hingga secara turun temurun (sampai saat ini) kalimat itu masih lestari diucapkan. Tahukah Anda, apa yang diucapkan itu? Sebenarnya kalimat itu sangat singkat dan sederhana, ucapannya begini : "Wong Jawa ilang Jawane"! Dulu saya cuek dan masa bodoh dengan kalimat yang (menurut saya pada waktu itu) tak punya makna sama sekali. Tapi lama-lama (sejalan dengan proses hidup saya yang lama-lama agak nalar) saya agak tersinggung kalau dibilang seperti itu.

Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

The Javanese lost his soul

"Wong Jawa Ilang Jiwane"
(a special reflection for the next generation Java community)

For those of you who claim to 'the Javanese'....!! Are you happy when a child wants to "ngajeni" or respect to you as parents and to others??

Are you happy when a child is in everyday life it communicates with the Java language (discussed in polite manners according to Java) to you as parents and to others??

I once heard a sentence spoken by parents dikala I was a kid. I am sure he is also just continue the sentence uttered by the parents at that time. Until hereditary (until recently) the sentence was pronounced still preserved. You know, what is spoken? Actually it's very short sentences and simple words like this: "Wong Jawa Ilang Jawane"! I used to cool and the indifference with which the sentence (in my opinion at that time) had no meaning at all. But after a long time (in line with the long process of my life-long bit of reason) I was a little offended if spelled like that.

Then the young friends, I also convey my sentence was a little fox, "Wong Jawa Ilang Jiwane". I mean not want to offend my friends, but I just remind that, as the Javanese, we have an obligation to maintain the spirit and philosophy of our lives his life as the Javanese. I assume this is not heroics. Because after we are born in the land of Java, and destined as Javanese, have a responsibility to preserve Javanese culture that one of them through our daily behavior. Starting from a love and a sense of belonging to Javanese culture, with up to become perpetrators of Javanese culture preservation of diverse ranging from behavior, identity building, next door, speaking, up to become perpetrators of such art.

I was surprised and did not know why. In my neighborhood the neighborhood of one thousand trillionth of environmental conditions Jakarta (sorry) There is one family that according to my observation in the village full daily activities and rarely (not necessarily once a year) 'srawung' with people who can not speak the language of Java, it is seldom a picnic out 'area Javanese'. He is a husband and wife are known to be quite clever in my village. When they have children the age of 3 years I could say the boy ....' kuwi mesakake .....!!". Why? What is malnutrition? What is a physical disability?? No! Very healthy growth of his body, his face bright, and of acting he's smart. I say "mesakake", pity, because he could not communicate well with age peers, and thus affects the freedom to associate fellow of age. Why ..? What he can not speak ...?? Are there signs of speech impaired ...?? No child was quite obvious to say the words according to what he meant. So what?

The issue is quite simple. He has limited communication with his peers because he did not know what the intent was said by his friend and playmate conversely also do not understand what was spoken by him. Trivial is not it? Just because of language differences. How different? That's what I say "boy kuwi mesakake"! Impressed cool indeed, that small children are fluent in Bahasa Indonesia. Apparently it since she was born three years earlier, both parents are native Javanese had planted a method of communication with the Indonesian language. Since childhood he had always 'dikudang' by their parents using the Indonesian language. So did their parents to give education to the children intentionally to use a communication language Indonesian language. Wrong they??

Moment .....! I've got another story. About my neighbor, too. Just like the couple family. The difference is, this family is a husband and wife (sorry) never get an education. Watching TV-even he could not understand (except for language introduction to the Java language). Ten years ago this family receive the gift of a baby. Gratefully they educate their children, which of course because they do not understand any other language except the language of Java, he invested in the child's soul with the Javanese language of instruction. Wal result, when he entered Kindergarten age, he was able to speak Javanese to be able to distinguish what he calls himself (mbasakke awake dhewe) and how to call other people (wong mbasakke Liya) both peers and the people above age or people who have Other respected. In short he created ungguh understand the Java language. And it turns out, when entered kindergarten, she gradually fluent in Indonesian.

Well, from the second story, my logic says that, whoever the child while he does not have the interference potential of talking, no-taught by his parents finally 'definite' can speak Indonesia through formal education. But instead, (it is quite unfortunate),

Then, how can we not lose our Java? How not to lose our soul?

It must start from ourselves!